AKKO Global




Our planet. Our country. Our city. Our home. Revive our world and give back what we have received.

We believe that everyone has a responsibility to protect and sustain our environment. With Revive, we aim to recycle the waste that we have created and make something new.

Revive is our fabric line manufactured from sustainable or recycled fibers. We provide nylon, polyester, nylon post industrial, and polyester post consumer fabric.

Our weaving and knitting mill has ISO 14001 Environmental Certification which calls for water and electricity conservation. Our dyeing and finishing plant is ISO 9001 Management Standard, Oeko-Tex® 100, and bluesign® certified. Our manufacturing process focuses on a reduction in resources used and an increase in recycled output.

Despite the challenge that sustainable manufacturing poses, we know that we play a part in sustaining and improving our environment. Join us on our journey to Revive our world.